Tuesday, January 22, 2008


many people dont see the true meaning behind touching. in the time and place were u live touch can b very taboo, and because of that people stay in their on little spaces where they let no one passed. they think of it as dirty and wrong so in their minds the only type of touch is sexual, but in fact their r many different types of touch. their is casual touch like when u bumping into somebody in the street or subway and when u give someone u know a handshake or a pound. Their is compassionate touching like a hug or a massage to a friend or family member. violent touching is when your beating somebody, a punch, a tackle etc. therapeutic, when u are trying to relax and heal ur patiant throgh massage. And erotic, which includes massage and sex. So after looking at all te diff types of touch i have concluded that tocuh is a form of communication and a way make yourself or the other person(s) feel a certain way. Like if you feel happy and give your friend a hug, they can feel that your happy through that touch. Or if u r mad and u punch a person he can feel that emotion through the contact that u made.

The main problem many people have with touch is that they often confuse compassionate with erotic and sexual.so in our culture many people dont want to be touched sexually so they dont touch or be touched at all. And i think thats a shame.

i personally beileve that people in our culture and in every other culture should have more tocuhing, either compassionate or erotic. I think this because touching can help u feel good and make you closer to the people around you. I also think we should make sure everybody knows the difference between compassionate touch and a erotic touch.

their are flaws to my idea tho. For example people dont always think the same way, one persons compassionate can be another person's sexual. Which if gone unsolved can create a big problem with rape and other things. So before touching in a certain way u should ask ur partner 2 make sure its fine with both of you. even tho it may be extreme to some level and may kill the moment but it can stop alot of unwanted touching so it will help the cause more than hurt it

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