Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i have always thought of dreams as a film thats goes on as u sleep and didnt really go any deeper on the subject but after reading his artical i realized it was more like a reality within our own bodies and minds. " ...interweaving of the different experiential modes..." in dreams we are trying to tell ourself things, they can reveal our hopes and fears and i think its a shame that many people including myself forget dreams shortly after having them.

i have had this one dream over and over, its when im drowning in a undersea cave and i cant get my way out and im running out of air fast. After thinking about the dream and having it about the 3rd time, i thought that the cave and me drowning represents someone in my life holding me back and im trying to get away but i cant seem to make it.

i think that every dream has a deeper meaning than u first believe. That its a way of your own self screaming at u, telling u that deep down what u fear,hope,love, and think.

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Kranci said...

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