Tuesday, December 18, 2007

feelings 2

when i first read Laing's argument i was little skeptical but after thinking about it and how i personally handle my feeling i think that he is right. we tend to ignore them until they become so exteme that they start to have a phyical effect and our body is forcing us to notice. Or when the feeling is "bad"(upset, angry etc) we try to distract ourselfs so we can take ur mind off it. he feels that this will further alienate ourselfs from our bodies and our experience.

i noticed after focusing on my feeling and emotions at a certain time everyday that i am tired and annoyed almost 100% of the time, i think this is because a certain place and action triggers a feeling, and since everyday we basicly have the same schedule i feel the same way everyday. I think that it is a shame that people dont focus on their feeling more of the time but in some cases it could be a good thing. If some1 is emotionally unstable it can be dangerous for them to focus on their feelings. Even some are on medacation so they can be distracted and "feel" happy and calm, putting them in the situastion could put them and others around them in pain.

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